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Nestled by Länsiväylä, everything is close by.

Alongside the Länsiväylä highway, convenience is your neighbour. Matinkylä stands out as one of Espoo's service concentrations. A few steps from Matinkylä's metro station, accessible with an AB ticket, you'll find a world of essential amenities, hobbies, and retail bliss. SATO's rental homes, evolving with the local landscape, offer a doorstep to Matinkylä's seamless and stylish living, a haven for those who enjoy Espoo's diverse nature, the sea, and services.

Bite the Big Apple

The shopping center Iso Omena, built along the Länsiväylä, is the hub of Matinkylä. If this mall doesn't have it, you likely don't need it in your daily life. Beyond diverse shopping opportunities, the center offers entertainment and services. At the Omena service market, you can find, among other things, a library, youth services, a maternity clinic, a health center, and Kela. Eco-conscious? The recycling point welcomes your old textiles, plastics, batteries and other common household waste.

Large grocery stores are also found under the same roof, and the restaurant world offers delicacies for every taste. Around Iso Omena, there are several small boutiques for those who appreciate international flavors, such as the Virolainen Pikku Market and the Asian & African Food Shop.

Water Fun All Year Round

For those who enjoy frolicking in natural waters, the correct address is Matinkylä beach. This beautiful shore is sheltered by trees and during the summer season, lifeguards monitor swimmers. In addition refreshing dips into the Baltic Sea, the beach offers changing cabins, showers and beach volleyball courts.

Swimming is possible even in winter time. One of Espoo's winter swimming saunas, Löylykontti Matinkylä, serves ice swimmers by appointment. If hunger strikes during a swim, it can be easily satisfied at the restaurant Nokkalan Majakka while gazing out at the sea. After dining, you can head to the other side of the beach for dessert coffee at Cafe Merenneito, which has its own pier and terrace by the sea. Cafe Merenneito also hosts events in the summer, including traditional Midsummer dances.

And if you are more interested in swimming pools than the sea, we recommend Espoo's newest indoor pool next to Iso Omena. The accessible pool opened in 2022 uses renewable energy: the pool waters are mainly heated with geothermal energy, and electricity for the hall is generated with solar panels. The pools' high water quality is maintained with new membrane filtration technology. Try the free Hydrohex virtual water aerobics in the therapy pool!

Engage and enlighten the energetic youth

Is there a bundle of boundless junior energy at home craving direction? Set your compass for Duudsonit Activity Park within Iso Omena. With an attractively priced entry, the adventure park promises endless fun with treehouse escapades, trampoline leaps, and agility and skill courses. Not-so-lively parents fear not: indulge in some relaxation with complimentary massage chairs in the lobby.

Intrigued by multilingual learning for your youth? Matinkylä serves up primary education in both of Finland's official tongues and childcare in Finnish, Swedish, and additionally in French, Russian, and English.

Sportive Spree in Matinkylä

For the athletic, Matinkylä is a handy area: you could pick a new sport perhaps once a month and not run out of options within the first year. Here are just a few mentioned.

Gym aficionados have their pick from multiple locales, including Forever and the swimming center's fitness area.

Kayaking enthusiasts can paddle their way to Natura Viva's Matinkylä Kayaking Point, where courses and SUP boarding season passes available.

Community seekers and craft lovers will find camaraderie and creativity at the Matinkylä neighbourhood house, offering budget-friendly Finnish language classes, tech tutoring, and more.

Pedal pushers can explore different biking trails, hitting the Matinkylä BMX track or renting a Fatbike from Natura Viva to roam the coast.

Kids can leap into ballet, contemporary dance, or tapping at the Espoon Tanssiopisto, or glide into ringette or ice skating lessons at the Ilmatar rink. Dog walkers will find bliss in Matinkylä's ample parklands, including the seaside Rantametsä dog park.

And if you've already sampled it all, simply kick a ball around at the Matinkylä sports park and turf.

Discover the charm of SATO rental homes in Matinkylä. Psst: ARA homes are in the mix too.

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