How to terminate your lease agreement

Terminating a lease agreement can feel like a cumbersome task with all the important dates and rules. Fortunately when you fill in the termination online, you will be guided through it with ease. Rules and exceptions can be found below.

You can terminate your lease agreement electronically using online banking codes. An email address and a mobile phone number are also required for the electronic lease termination notice.

If there are two or more signatories, please start the process one by one: After the first resident has signed the termination, the second one gets an email with instructions and can sign the termination after that.

We recommend the electronic signing since it is more reliable and arrives us more promptly.

Fill in the lease termination notice

If you cannot provide these, please use the printable lease termination notice. You can mail the notice to SATO or bring it directly to one of our offices.

Print out the lease termination (.pdf)

Confirming the termination

Once we have received your apartment lease termination notice, we will send you a written confirmation by email (or by post if you don't have an email address). We will also send you moving-out instructions, and the apartment will usually be inspected by us within five business days. If you do not receive our written confirmation within three business days, please contact our Customer Service.

If you are terminating the lease online, please make sure you finish the process and get a confirmation of sending the termination.

Important to know

Please note that the apartment lease termination notice must always be signed either with your online banking codes or with a traditional signature on paper. You cannot terminate your lease via email or by phone. We urge you to use either the electronic termination notice or the printable paper version so that the termination notice is legitimate.

We accept hand written lease termination notices, too. Open the form on your computer, and write down all the info you would write on the form, to a blank paper with care and clarity. After you've signed the notice, take a photo of it and email it to

Frequently asked about lease termination

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