Home swapping

Is your family growing? Did you get a job from another city? Are you dreaming about swapping rental apartment just for a change in scenery? As a SATO resident you get some excellent benefits when shifting from one SATO rental apartment to another.

We have som excellent moving related benefits for SATOhome shifters. You can redeem the benefits at OmaSATO.

  • Muuttohaukat gift card valued €100 for a studio apartment, €200 for one-bedroom apt., and €300 for two-bedroom apt. or bigger. One gift card per apartment.
  • Pakuovelle.com gift card 'muuttoraha' valued €100, which you can use to rent a moving van, small storage, moving service or moving crates.
  • A key courier service for half a price in Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo, Kauniainen, Kirkkonummi, Järvenpää, Kerava, Tuusula, Nurmijärvi, and Porvoo (normal price €29.90, only €14.95 for SATOhome shifters). You can agree upon a two-hour period within which the keys will be delivered to you Mon-Fri from 8 am to 10 pm. You can also request for the keys of your old home to be delivered to SATO at the same time.

Take these steps:

  • Browse the available rental apartments at Find a home -page and add suitale homes to your application.
  • If the home of your dreams is not currently available, set up a Search Alert. After you have received an alert of an apartment of your liking, fill in an application.

Who can use the SATOhome shifter's benefits?

You can utilize the benefit if you have lived in a SATO home continuously for at least one year (your most recent contract being over 6 months old), and you have an incident-free residential and payment history. The benefits apply to those residents who have either signed a lease agreement with SATO or who have been reported as residents of their SATO apartment via OmaSATO.

When you swap from SATO RentHome to another, we will be flexible with the lease termination times when needed, and you will not have to pay double rent for that period°. And if the home you are moving into is empty at the time, we will give you three free moving-in days before the lease's starting date.

Already signed a home swapping lease? You can redeem your benefits at OmaSATO if it's under 30 days until your lease starts. The benefits are redeemable for 30 days after the starting date of your lease.

Redeem the home swapper's benefits

For more information about home-swapping opportunities, please contact SATO Customer service.

°Please note that terminating the ending lease agreement is the tenant's responsibility even when moving from one SATOhome to another. Notice of termination must always be given in writing.

How about part-ownership apartment?

SATO FlexHome is a new form of part ownership where you get access to an urban home of your dreams with a small initial capital outlay as soon as you've signed the contract. After five years of part ownership, you can purchase your home in full.

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