Waste management and recycling

We want to encourage our residents to sort their household waste and recycle. All our properties have either a waste room, waste shelter or partially underground round-shaped waste containers.

The secret of a tidy waste container room is the correct sorting of waste. When everyone follows the instructions and uses the containers properly by sorting their househould waste into correct containers it will have less of an impact on the environment. Waste management costs will also be kept under control.

In SATO properties there are illustrated signs on how to use the waste rooms. Do not hesitate to ask for help from your neighbours or building manager, if you have any questions regarding the waste management in your building.

Do not leave garbage bags or any other household waste outside the containers or to the floor of waste room. Deliver large items such as old furniture and household appliances, depending on their condition, directly to a recycling center or a waste station. You can also take advantage of various pick-up services.

Do not hesitate to take part to the buildings voluntary work: Everyone will have fun at the building tidying-up event: the areas outside will get tidied up and you get to know your neighbors.

Kotona - more tips for recycling

Take note when feeding birdies

To keep bird food out of the mouth of rats, please prefer hanging feeding solutions such a tallow balls, and clean the feeding place regularly.