Save energy in your rental home

At SATO we constantly look after new ways on how to make living in our apartments more environmentally efficient, by reducing the amount of unnecessary electricity usage and saving water.

We want to reduce our energy consumption, water usage, and for example the GHG emission intensity of our buildings. As a large housing company we have an opportunity to have a real impact on energy consumption by optimizing the heating, ventilation, and water usage of our home buildings.

Decreasing the energy consumption is persistent work. We have been monitoring and adjusting the room temperature of our apartments for years with AI. Some 21,000 SATOhomes have a temperature and humidity sensor installed, and they provide a valuable consumption data for us. The temperature is the biggest energy guzzler of our homes, and we are keeping an extra keen eye on that during the current energy crisis.

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We also want to encourage our residents to save energy and water, and to do other little adjustments in their everyday life to reduce housing related emissions. Below you can find some tips on how to do your part.