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Check out the available renatl apartments in Turku and fill out an application

Easy rental housing in a good location in Turku

Are you starting your studies in Turku? Congratulations! If you do not have an apartment yet, SATO offers excellent housing options for students in Turku. If you appreciate a good location close to services, with smooth public transportation to university campuses - University of Turku, Åbo Akademi University, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Novia University of Applied Sciences, Diakonia University of Applied Sciences and Humak University of applied Sciences- SATO's rental home is for you.

Check the availability of SATOhomes for example in these areas:

Why choose SATO's student apartment

  • SATO is a responsible and reliable lessor with almost 25,000 apartments
  • Security deposit is €0 in most cases
  • Wide selection of small and large rental homes in good locations
  • Immediately available apartments
  • Pets are welcome
  • Internet access is included in the rent of almost all homes
  • Possibility to continue living in SATO’s apartment after studies

What kind of apartment are you looking for

Are you looking for a family apartment, considering to live together with your friends, or appreciating privacy? You will find a solution to all of these in SATO's range of apartments. See the available rental apartments of different sizes in Turku from the links below.

How to apply for an apartment

  1. Browse through the available rental homes and add the ones you like to your application on our Find a Home page
  2. Identify yourself and fill in the application
  3. We will contact you if we are able to show you the home you are applying for

There may not be many apartments available for August-September yet, but they become available all the time throughout the summer. If you didn't find homes matching your criteria in our selection, you can set up a search alert, and we'll let you know when one becomes available.

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How about home-sharing?

At times the thought of living alone may not feel right for financial reasons or because you would prefer to have some company. That is when it is a good idea to consider sharing a home with your friends.

SATO homes are available for sharing between two or more people, but the actual lease agreement is always only signed with a maximum of two tenants. In other words, if you rent a home from us with a group of friends, two of you will need to be the main tenants and the others will need to be subtenants of the main tenants. This means the main tenants will bear the primary responsibility and liability towards SATO about the apartment, while the subtenants will be responsible and liable towards the main tenants.

You can browse larger rental apartments and find your new home here.

Moving to another city

Are you moving to a new town, or looking for your first rental home? We've collected some tips and information on how to get started here: first rental home.

When moving to a completely new city to go to university or trade school or such, we highly recommend for you to choose also some ARA apartments to your application. With those apartments we comply with the so called need-based consideration when choosing the residents. One of the positive considerations is if you are moving to study.

Available ARA apartments »