Finding a home

One longs for a home near city centre, other dreams about a simple home in suburbs, and the third one just found out there will be need for a home one room bigger in nine months time. From our some 25,000 rental apartments you will easily find a SATO RentHome fit for your needs.

Swapping from one SATOhome to another

Is your family growing? Did you get a job from another city? Are you dreaming about swapping rental apartment just for a change in scenery? As a SATO resident you get some excellent benefits when shifting from one SATO rental apartment to another.

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Moving away from your childhood home?

We have some tips and instructions for you to make it as hassle-free as possible for you to look for and rent a home and give you a bit of added confidence in your big life change.

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What next?

We recommend you to browse our available rental apartments. Perhaps the home of your life is right there!