Pohjois-Haaga of parkways and 50's style of Helsinki

Sympathetic residential area attracts

Pohjois-Haaga is a traditional and atmospheric place to live, where its rental apartments and the surroundings are filled with Helsinki’s 50’s style. Close to Helsinki, a great public transport and lush streets are some of the area’s winning points that offer cozy living in a rental apartment.

Pohjois-Haaga is one of the first of SATO’s areal construction projects and there live many faithful residents who have been there from the very start. Many of the streets are named after Finnish actors, actresses and playwrights. When walking in the streets you will encounter street names like Aino Acktén, Ida Aalberg, Adolf Lindfors, and all the streets start from the main road called Näyttelijäntie (Actor’s road).

Flowers are blooming near your home

One of the most breathtaking and popular attractions in Pohjois-Haaga is Rodopark. The beloved park has many names: Laajasuo park, Rhodopark and Haaga’s Alpinerosepark. You should visit the park in the beginning of June since the park will be in full bloom and you may walk and jog among the beautiful flowers. There are also platforms for admiring the sea of flowers.

Dogs are welcome

The area is ideal for dog friends, since in Pohjois-Haaga you will find various dog parks and an agility training center Platinum Arena. Aino Ackté’s dog park is divided in two parts for big and small dogs. In Etelä-Haaga you may find the Haaga’s dog park and couple of meters away is the big Taka-Lassila dog park.

Services and events are closeby

Pohjois-Haaga’s mall is located in Näyttelijäntie 14. From the mall you may find all the necessary services as grocery stores, restaurants, and a kiosk. You will find a Haaga’s health station in Huovitie. In addition, the walk from Pohjois-Haaga to shopping mall Kaari is short.

Yearly organized running event Haaga Run invites runners with different running backrounds to test their fitness in 5 and 10 kilometers runs. The starting line is located in Runar Schildt’s park and the track goes from Pohjois-Haaga to Etelä-Haaga and all the way to Lassila.

Pohjois-Haaga Day is an event for the whole family where the people from Haaga may enjoy local offers from entrepreneurs, companies, and organizations. During the day of the event the area will be filled with food trucks, games, and secondhand shops.

Daycares and schools are near you

Pohjois-Haaga is excellent choice for a family with kids because many daycare centers and a school are located in the area. Family’s toddlers will find playmates from Aada and Haaga daycares. In addition, there is an English Laugh & Learn Playschool for kids from 2 to 6 years of age.

From the lush Ida Aalbergin tie 8 you will find a lovely play park called Ida. It offers supervised activity for the little ones. There is also a building that is in use for clubs and schools.

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Excellent commuting system

Huopalahti station is fifteen minutes away and by train you can travel to Helsinki in less than ten minutes. Pohjois-Haaga has its own train station where commuter trains I and P go through to Helsinki-Vantaa air station and back to Helsinki. The bus stations you may find from both sides of Haaga.

The commuting system is even further improved now that Jokeri Light Rail is finished. The tram stations are be built in Vihdintie, Huopalahti station and Ilkantie. The tram goes through Itäkeskus and Keilaniemi, making it easier for people in Helsinki area to travel around.

Pohjois-Haaga is a student's choice

A short trip to Helsinki and the nearby schools and universities have made Pohjois-Haaga popular among students and from Pohjois-Haaga you will find many student apartments. For example, SATO rental apartments in Ida Aalbergin tie 1 A are a great choice for students. Please take a notice that the rent guarantee is 250 euros for Ida Aalbergin tie 1 A apartments.

Haagan Lämpiö offers activity for people under the age of 29. In Lämpiö you can play Playstation, billiard and table football and talk with the tutors. People under the age of 29 can also acquire a membership card.

Pohjois-Haaga awaits

Pohjois-Haaga is an ideal place to live for a person who enjoys nature but doesn’t want to give up on the great commuting system. The area is fitted for people of all ages but it’s very suitable for students who are looking for the first home. Would you see yourself living in the atmospheric Pohjois-Haaga?

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