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Combines modern architecture and nature

Seaside Sompasaari is an area in Kruunuvuorenselkä and Sörnäinen where new apartment buildings are built rapidly. Great commuting routes and the services close by make Sompasaari a lovely place to live. Sompasaari’s rental apartments are fitted for a resident who appreciates seaside scenery and modern look. The new beginning is waiting for you in Sompasaari!

A sea as a neighbor

Sompasaari used to be a vacation location back in the days for people living in Helsinki and to go to Sompasaari you had to travel by a steamship. Nowadays, even though steamships are a part of history, ships in general are still seen as a theme in Sompasaari. In the future a resident in Sompasaari can admire ships docked near the beach since there will be specified lots for restaurant and art studio ships.

The sea makes Sompasaari more open even when the area is tightly built. The sea is surrounding Sompasaari from two sides and you can easily walk to the beach.

The services are nearby

Sompasaari is located near Kalasatama, so the Redi mall is approximately fifteen minutes away from Sompasaari. You will find services like grocery stores, clothing stores, gyms and movie theatres in Redi and close to the mall. To families with kids Sompasaari is a perfect choice for a home since close to Sompasaari you find parks and play areas for kids. As an example, Kalasatamanpuisto is near Sompasaari and a kindergarten is being built in the area.

Teurastamo and Suvilahti are also nearby. Teurastamo offers food and drinks for foodies and Suvilahti is filled with gigs and events. In the future Sompasaari will expand its range for cultural and family events and hobbies.

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Excellent commuting routes

You will find the closest metro station in Kalasatama and you will get to Helsinki in six minutes by metro. In the future you can travel from Sompasaari to Pasila by tram. Additionally, in couple of years the residents of Sompasaari can travel to Hakaniemi’s and Laajasalo’s directions by tram via Kruunusilta.

Since the commuting connections are excellent and will be even more excellent in the future, you don’t need to own a car. In Sompasaari’s Priki you can use a shared car that is owned by the housing association. If you do own a car, you may park it under the yard covers.

Sompasaari is for nature lovers

A jogger or a cyclist may enjoy different scenery like green park streets, modern apartment buildings and the seaside, obviously. The neighbor islands of Sompasaari, Mustikkasaari and Korkeasaari offer more choices for places to jog or cycle since a resident of Sompasaari can easily go over Isoisänsilta to Mustikkamaa and from there to Korkeasaari. In the future the route will be much straighter, when the bridge to Korkeasaari is finished.

You don’t have to travel to another place in order to admire beautiful parks because in the future Sompasaari will get its own park called Loviseholminpuisto. Art will be installed in the park and the residents will get to admire the beautiful sights of rain garden, once it’s finished.

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Sources: Uutta Helsinkiä

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