Green and peaceful Kaivoksela

Wide range of rental homes in area of low-rises in western Vantaa

Part of the Myyrmäki major region, Kaivoksela is a quiet neighbourhood nestling on the boundary between Helsinki and Vantaa. This traditional area is perfect for you if you are looking for carefree urban living close to nature. Read on and find the home of your life in Vantaa!

With just over 4,000 residents, Kaivoksela is located off the Hämeenlinnanväylä motorway and offers excellent connections to all parts of the Helsinki region. Access to many bus lines and proximity to Myyrmäki commuter train station make getting around easy and effortless. Kaivoksela is surrounded by a large nature area where the entire family can find things to do and enjoy.

Reminder of times past

The entire district of Kaivoksela, or Mineville, as it might translate, and many of its streets are named after the Sillböle iron ore mine that was active in the area in 1744–1866. Nowadays a protected antiquity site, it was once among the richest iron mines in Finland.
The site of the ancient mine with its water-filled shafts and wide quarries is well worth a visit. There are a total of 12 open mine shafts in the area, the deepest going 51 metres down into the ground. For safety reasons, most of the shafts are fenced in.

Valuable creek valley as part of Kaivoksela’s natural landscape

The creek valley located in Kaivoksela is a diverse nature area of great cultural and historic significance. A part of the Vantaanjoki river outlet, it is an ideal location for taking outdoor exercise, enjoying nature or just stopping for a moment to listen to the murmur of the creek. Vantaa City Museum has designated the entire suburb of Kaivoksela to be an area of cultural and historic significance both locally and regionally.

With a little luck, you can catch a thrush nightingale singing or water vole paddling along in the creek valley. Rare plants such as yellow coralroot, Rannoch rush and white adder’s mouth grow on the banks of the creek. The lush wetlands of the valley are an important eco-corridor for the city.

Walking onward from creek valley, you will come to the Malminkartano apple orchard where a traditional harvest festival is held every year. With outdoor tables and seating, the orchard is a nice place for a family picnic.

Valuable creek valley as part of Kaivoksela’s natural landscape

The sports and recreational facilities of Kaivoksela provide excellent opportunities for all kinds of exercise and relaxation. One such place is Kaivoksela sports park which features tennis courts, outdoor gym equipment and a parkour area as well as track and field facilities.

Kaarela riding stables and year-round indoor padel courts are also located in Kaivoksela. A further refreshing attraction of the area is Vetokannas beach that has become a popular meeting spot for local residents. The first swim hole in the sand pit here was set up in the 1960s. The swimming beach is open year round. In summer, you can play beach volleyball or buff up on the outdoor gym equipment.

SATO rental homes at Pronssikuja 1, Ruostekuja 3 and Aapramintie 4 are all within walking distance of the area’s recreational facilities.

Shops and amenities in Kaivoksela

Kaivoksela has a good selection of all basic amenities such as schools, daycare and shopping. Myyrmäki health station and public pool are within walking distance.

With large Lidl and S-market stores in the area, you won’t need to travel far for grocery shopping. There is also the popular shopping centre Myyrmanni with its 80+ stores located close to Myyrmäki commuter train station.

Kaivoksela has an extensive business area known for its many auto dealerships. There is also an older shopping centre in the area.

The many sides of Kaivoksela may come as a surprise to you – maybe this is the place to find the home of your life?

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