Kuninkaala, home of rushing rapids

Lush area of single-family homes and low-rises

Part of the Tikkurila major region, Kuninkaala is an idyllic, peaceful neighbourhood. The nature reserve and Heureka Science Centre in the heart of the area offer things to do all year round. Have a peek at what southern Vantaa has to offer and find the rental home of your life.

With just over 2,800 residents, the neighbourhood of Kuninkaala borders on Tikkurila on the boundary between Helsinki and Vantaa. This lush area is known for its beautiful parks and Tikkurilanjoki river that flows through it. Kuninkaala has extensive areas for outdoor exercise and recreation. Thanks to the vicinity of Kehä III ring road and Lahdenväylä motorway, transport connections for car owners are excellent. If you don’t have a car, a bus will take you swiftly to Tikkurila rail station.

Reminder of times past

Kuninkaala is a residential area of great cultural and historic significance where the new blends in with the old. The oldest map of the area that has been discovered, from 1708, shows four major homes in the area. Kuninkaala is named after the oldest of them, Konungs or King’s House. The houses that still stand on Kylänmäki hill, close to Heureka Science Centre, have a rich history.

Tikkurilankoski rapids flowing free

Tikkurilankoski is a magnificent riverside milieu that is an important part of the district’s landscape. The rapids running through Kuninkaala provide a link between the diversity of nature and the industrial heritage of the area.

Tikkurilankoski is a place where you can enjoy many pursuits. The rapids are well suited for canoeing. You can also fish, provided you have the appropriate fishing licence. Sea trout and salmon are just two of the fish species found in the roiling waters.

Located by the rapids, Väritehtaanranta is one of the most alluring parks in Kuninkaala – and winner of the illustrious Environmental Structure of the Year award in 2022. This pleasant park is a wonderful setting for a picnic. Residents are welcome in the park in all seasons to admire the rushing waters of the rapids.

Kalkkikallio nature reserve calls out for outings

One of best known natural oases in Kuninkaala is the 19-hectare Kalkkikallio woods. In 2007, the southern part of the woods was declared a nature reserve. Peaking at 65 metres, from the Kalkkikallio clifftop you can see all the way to the sea and the Kalasatama skyscrapers off on the horizon. These small woods are home to a diverse ecosystem that Kuninkaala residents get to enjoy every day.

In the quiet heart of the woods, you can walk along the duckboards while admiring the fallen trees and crevices opening up into caves. There are a total of four caves in the area: Ketunluola, Susiluola, Pirunluola and Keittoluola. Visit one or visit all, it’s up to you!

Shoppers’ paradise just a stone’s throw away

Vantaa’s extensive shopping opportunities can be found right by Kuninkaala. The neighbouring Porttipuisto is a business area with many stores offering a wide range of household goods, leisure goods, etc. Tthere’s something for everyone – from Reuse Centre (Kierrätyskeskus) for the eco-minded to Ikea for the interior design-minded. Other well-known stores in the area are Tokmanni, Rusta, Jysk and Iittala.

Right by Kuninkaala stands Helsinki Outlet, a shopping village of more than 45 brand outlet stores opened in 2019. It attracts more than one million visitors every year!

Family idyll with plenty to do

Heureka Science Centre is a Kuninkaala landmark that provides entertainment and enlightenment for children and adults alike. In summer, Kuninkaalan kotiseututalo village hall in Påkas is the setting for Helatanssit, an outdoor festival of traditional folk dance and music for the entire family.

All your basic amenities such as schools and daycare centres are available in Kunikaala. The diverse shopping and events of Tikkurila are less than a kilometre away. Hakunila health station and public pools are also close by.

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