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Modern and close to nature

Built in the 2010s, the modern and clean Kivistö residential area is also close to nature. Kivistö is a colourful and clearly laid out area of quiet streets basking in light. Kivistö borders on the Ring RailLine to the south and Hämeenlinnanväylä road to the west. The centre of Helsinki is 26 minutes away by train, Helsinki Airport only 6 minutes.

Kivistö and Keimolanmäki, located next to Kivistö, form an active entity around the Kivistö train station and services in the same zip code area. Kivistö is a quiet and growing district next to excellent transport connections, on the east side of Hämeenlinnanväylä. Keimolanmäki is located on the west side of Hämeenlinnanväylä.

Some of the new part of Kivistö featured in the Housing Fair 2015, when more than 350 new homes were completed in the vicinity of Tiikerinsilmä circular street. The themes for the Housing Fair were little everyday luxuries, green oases in homes and yards, and more ecological construction. The Kivistö area is indeed a showcase of modern urban living: getting plenty of light, the homes are spacious and function well. Besides which, nature is just a skip and hop away.

More ecological wooden apartment building living

Kivistö features many homes built on an ‘ecology first’ principle: recycled raw materials, nature-conserving materials and the latest in energy-saving technology. One of them is SATO’s Rubiinikehä 1, a wooden apartment building with geothermal heating. The homes at Rubiinikehä 1 all have their own water meters, which allows residents to monitor their water consumption, and each home also has its own dedicated ventilation air handling unit.

Homes built with renewable wood allow an energy-smart lifestyle, as it takes only 30 seconds for Finland’s forests to grow the quantity of wood needed for one wooden apartment building. Wood also binds carbon dioxide and is a material that breathes.

For nature lovers

Nature is ever-present in Kivistö and outdoor recreation is easy to enjoy. Kivistö has spacious playgrounds for children. The walking and running routes spanning across the area and its parks are suited to all. People with pets will also enjoy the comfortable dog park.

At the centre of the new residential area is a strip of woods in wholly natural state where the sharp-eyed observer may catch sight of animals such as the flying squirrel.

Pioneer in recycling and pleasant living

Kivistö is a trailblazer in terms of both ecology and municipal engineering: waste is deposited in dedicated inlets and transported by pipelines in the automated waste collection system to a sorting centre. The system reduces traffic in the area, brings down energy costs and eliminates the problems associated with the distributed storage of waste.

Residents may take any waste unsuited for the automated waste collection system to the recycling rooms. A recycling truck also stops at the recycling rooms at the start of each month to pick up the accumulated waste, such as home appliances and furniture.

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Kivistö residents’ own living room and shopping centre Kivis

The Kivistö urban culture centre is located alongside shopping centre Kivis and health station. The centre features a library, youth centre and wide range of other cultural facilities.

Shopping centre Kivis with supermarkets, an S-market and a Lidl store as well as a gym and several restaurants is open on the same premises.

In addition, Kivistö offers restaurants, a grocery store and beauty care services as well as daycare, schools and a church.

Heat up the grill!

One final tip for lovers of good food: one of the most famous grill kiosks in the Helsinki region, Balkan Grilli, can be found in the old part of Kivistö. The pride of all of Vantaa, this fast food shop has won national praise and attracts patrons from near and far to enjoy traditional grill kiosk fare. Balkan serves up honest, juicy and flavourful food - try out their Bosnian burger or ground meat shish kebabs, for example.

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