Peaceful and community-minded Pähkinärinne

This residential area is bursting with nature and offers things to do for the whole family

Part of the Myyrmäki major region, Pähkinärinne is the home for nature-loving urban dwellers. This landscape of cultural and historic value is characterised by red-brick buildings and the pretty Lammaslampi pond where residents find many opportunities for recreation. Read on and find the rental home of your life in Vantaa!

Pähkinärinne is an area located in Myyrmäki, just on the boundary of Helsinki and Vantaa. Bordered on three sides by Vihdintie, Rajatorpantie and Lammaslampi pond, this neighbourhood entices the nature-loving urban dweller and offers ample opportunities for outdoor exercise and recreation just steps from your front door. rajaama Trips farther afield are easy to take by bus or by car along Vihdintie.

Born a classic

Construction in Pähkinärinne started in 1970 under the leadership of architect Pentti Ahola. The aim was to create an architecturally cohesive area. Pähkinärinne, or Nut Slope, as the name might translate, takes it name from the protected grove of European hazel growing just north of Lammaslampi pond.

A feature characteristic of Pähkinärinne are the red, white and blue accents used in the brick apartment buildings. The City of Vantaa has recognised the urban landscape value of the area by including it on its list of built heritage.

Residents take pride in diversity of nature

Located in Pähkinärinne, Lammaslampi is a unique nature site complete with well tended parks and waterside landscapes. There are many destinations for an outing in the area, such as the Tuonela oak forest and the forests of Soltorp, Furumossen, Äijänsuo and Linnainmetsä. They are home to soaring trees and hovering dragonflies, as well as rarer species such as protected moor frogs alongside more commonplace frogs and toads.

Lammaslampi has around one kilometre of shoreline where pleasant exercise paths have been built. Residents can hop in the water for a swim in the summer from the two jetties provided. There is also a dog beach where you can take your pet for a refreshing swim.

Pähkinärinne is full of interesting nature destinations for the entire family, all just an outing away.

Sense of community

Residents of Pähkinärinne may apply for an allotment close by. Urban farming is highly community-driven and the allotments host activities such as the annual harvest festival.

In summer, there is a miniature golf course in Pähkinärinne where refreshments and ice cream can also be bought. In winter, residents have easy access to the ski trails maintained by the city and extending all the way to Myyrmäki.

Pähkinärinne is also the setting for various urban events, for example the outdoor film screening Kino Lammaslampi held in 2022. Information on many of the events in the area can be found via the active residents’ association Pähkinärinne-seura ry. Pähkinärinne also has a lively dedicated Facebook group for active discussion on the area.

Shops and amenities in Pähkinärinne

All necessary basic amenities can be found close by SATO’s home buildings in Pähkinärinne: schools, daycare, pharmacy, dentist’s office and library. Children and young people can enjoy their home neighbourhood thanks to the many playgrounds in the area and the Pähkinärinne Youth Centre.

With both a K-Supermarket and a K-Market in Pähkinärinne, you won’t need to travel far for grocery shopping. The large Lidl and S-market stores in Vapaala are also close by.

A few kilometres away, Myyrmäki offers wider shopping and health services and additional amenities such as a public pool. Sello shopping centre with its cultural offering is not far away, either.

A comfortable blend of the urban and natural, the many sides of Pähkinärinne may come as a surprise to you – maybe this is the place to find the home of your life?

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