Code of ethics

SATO aims to operate with a long-term view, ethically and sustainably in relation to people, the economy, society and the environment. We always comply with laws and regulations, and instead of settling for the minimum level laid down in the law, we seek to exceed it whenever we can by making ethical choices.

SATO’s values are the foundation on which this Code is built. We work fairly and meet our customers in a genial manner – human to human. Open communication and the joy of succeeding together with colleagues help us in reaching our goals. We are bold and aim high in everything we do, also in terms of ethical conduct and sustainability.

The goal of our Code of Ethics is to ensure that all employees adhere to our ethical principles and ways of operating in their work and act honestly. We also expect our partners to follow our values and Code of Ethics. Actions contrary to the Code may result in measures such as termination, other consequences, or legal action.

The Code can be below as well as in SATO's intranet. Regular training on the guidelines is provided to SATO employees, and the orientation of new employees includes an introduction to the Code.

SATO Code of Ethics

Reasonable hospitality at SATO

When you wish to gift our personnel, please take a read at our guidelines to reasonable hospitality at SATO.

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Fill out a whistleblowing report

Our target is to maintain an atmosphere of openness and high ethics in our company and its business. We value honesty and the respect of all our stakeholders.

You have an opportunity to anonymously report any malpractice that you suspect or matters which, in your opinion, are against our company’s values and practices using our whistleblowing channel.

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