Sustainable rental homes

SATO is the first rental housing operator to have 14 sites accepted on the sustainable buying website (Buy sustainably). SATO's Osta vastuullisesti homes are an above-average choice in terms of sustainability.

In the fall of 2022 an independent sustainability panel consisting of the best experts in sustainable production and consumption chose in 2022 six and in 2023 eight of SATO’s rental buildings to be added to the (Buy sustainably) website. The sustainability panel assesses a more sustainable lifestyle and more responsible choices from the perspective of relative sustainability, meaning that the recognised product or service must be more sustainable than the alternatives available.

The homes chosen for the website are a more sustainable choice than their available counterparts. Some of these energy class A houses use geothermal heating. The usability, maintenance aspects, and the flexibility of the floorplans have all been taken into consideration in the design of the houses. For example the building services engineering is easily accessible, so that the structures of the house need not to be tampered with in major maintenance work. The frame of the SATO houses has an expected 100-year lifespan (compared to the usual 50-year span) or the lifespan of the house has been significantly prolonged by extensive and well-planned renovations.

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There is a lot more in website than just apartments. If you speak any Finnish, we highly recommend especially the Kestävä elämä section! (in Finnish)


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