The park-like atmosphere of Etelä-Haaga charms

Charming rental apartments on the outskirts of the city centre

The appearance of Etelä-Haaga is green, cozy and tranquil. Daily services, schools, and daycares are within walking distance, and diverse transport links ensure effortless access to more comprehensive services. The area also has comfortable and unique SATO rental apartments, filled with charm of the 1950s.

Basic services, brick-and-mortar stores, and a lively market

In Etelä-Haaga, everything needed is close by, including grocery stores, restaurants, a health station, a pharmacy, and a library. The district has schools from first grade to high school and several daycares, including the English-speaking The Little English Kindergarten.

Although Etelä-Haaga is located a bit outside the city centre, the area offers the chance to enjoy the offerings of charming brick-and-mortar stores. Style enthusiasts who appreciate high-quality natural materials can shop at BYPIAS clothing store, and gourmets can pick up fresh croissants from Haagan Leipä bakery for weekend breakfasts.

Haagan tori is known as a lively event and meeting place. In the summer, one can enjoy traditional market coffees and find treasures from craft and flea market vendors' stalls. However, the market does not quiet down in winter; there, one can enjoy the offerings of street food festivals or the atmosphere of a Christmas market.

Convenient transport links – also by tram

Public transport in Etelä-Haaga is unparalleled: residents are served by the Huopalahti train station, from which the journey to Helsinki city centre can take less than ten minutes at best, as well as numerous buses, including the swift trunk lines 200 and 300. Most of SATO's homes are located in the so-called Kultareuna area, which is also conveniently accessible from the terminus of tram 10.

Transport links were further improved when the light rail Raide-Jokeri started passenger traffic in 2023. The tram stops in the Etelä-Haaga area near the Huopalahti station and on Steniuksentie, transporting passengers towards Keilaniemi and Itäkeskus.

Alppiruusupuisto is the crown jewel of the green area

Etelä-Haaga is known for its many magnificent parks, with rhododendron park Alppiruusupuisto, more familiarly known as Rodopuisto, being the undisputed number one. The southern part of the park, open to the public, is home to evergreen rhododendrons, and azaleas grow on the northern side, which can be admired from viewing platforms as well as from the park's meandering, accessible boardwalks. During the flowering season in June, the park attracts thousands of residents from the capital region and tourists to admire the bursts of colours.

The other parks in the area are also worth a visit and are great for outdoor activities and jogging. Leikkipuisto Isonneva offers a variety of activities for the little ones in addition to slides and playground equipment, including family café operations and supervised afternoon club activities for schoolchildren. Dog owners, on the other hand, can head out with their pets to explore the area's several dog parks.

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Nurturing body and soul

In addition to verdant jogging paths, Etelä-Haaga offers numerous other opportunities for exercise and taking care of one's well-being.

Hotel Haaga is a true wellness center: Fit Haaga operating within its premises offers group fitness classes from yin yoga to water aerobics, a modern and well-equipped gym, and massage services. The hotel also houses Opetushoitola Verso, where a variety of relaxing beauty services such as hot stone massages and facials are available at an affordable price.

The swimming pool operating in the premises of the Helsingin Suomalainen Yhteiskoulu, or SYK, is open to the public for the enjoyment of the area's residents. The pool has a four-lane 25-meter pool, a swimming practice pool, and a sauna.

Etelä-Haaga is not far from the neighboring district's Talihalli for playing badminton or padel.

Renovated rental apartments in the traditional Kultareuna area

Located in the so-called Pohjola area, Etelä-Haaga's Kultareuna is a haven in the middle of the city. The culturally and historically valuable small apartment buildings of the area, breathing the spirit of the 1950s and 60s, comprise over a hundred spacious and bright SATO homes, thanks to their large windows, whose comprehensive renovation was completed in 2023.

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